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upcoming events

Click on tab at the bottom of this page for all the details of our up coming events like pre-releases, major TCG qualifiers and regionals.

Weekly events

Boardgame libary open from 12pm to 6pm everyday.

You and you adventuring party can pick from any of our 400+ games to play, there is sure to be a game for everyone to enjoy and we are always adding new games each week.  Entry is €6 per person for 2 hours which includes any drink and one of our yummy scrummy donuts. Booking essential for weekends.

Every thursday from 6pm Digimon locals.

Looking for a fun new TCG? Then look no further tha n Digimon locals! Entry is 10 euro which includeds an entry pack and a yummy donut and drink

Every second thursday night 6pm GOAT locals for YuGiOh.

Goat locals follows the Yugioh April 2005 Forbidden/Limited list so you get to play with (nearly) all your favourite old school cards!  A great place for beginners to start!  Entry is 5 euro with a booster pack for entry.

Every friday from 4pm Tribal Warlords wargaming club meet up.

Friday Night Magic Draft from 6.30pm.

€15/18 entry limited to 16 people booking is essential. 

Saturday afternoon from 12pm YuGiOh locals.

€5/8 entry, we play constructed format. Limited to 24 players booking is recommended.

Saturday afternoon from 1pm Galway boardgamers meet up group.

Every Second Sunday 1pm remote Digimon Locals.

Can't make it to Gawlay for one of our fun events? Why not join us on our Digimon Discord page and play from the comfort of your own home? Remote set up essential, entry 8 euro.

Discord Link:

**events times can change due to release events and regional events.  

Local Gaming Clubs 

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