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WELCOME TO dungeons and donuts......


We are the west of Irelands biggest friendly local gaming store situated in the heart of Galway City since 2012.

We stock all your favourite wargames and accessories, boardgames, trading card games, roll playing games and much much more. If we don’t have what you are looking for, no need to worry we will do our utmost to get in ordered in for you.

What makes us unique and world famous is our themed donuts which are prepared each day to maximise yumminess.

We also have a massive boardgame library of about 400 games which we are always adding to as new games come out, and we have seating for up to 40 people so that they can play the games we all love so much.

Come pay us a visit here in beautiful Galway city we always love meeting and chatting to

 new and experienced gamers and hobbyists alike.  

We are the heart of the gaming community in Galway...

we are Dungeons and Donuts.

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